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But there is another evil: oblivion of academic merits because of being woman


– The Wins

You Have the Power not to forget the female scientists and share their works

The Wins

At beginning the Wins were in three: Tiziana Metitieri, Morgana Favero and Sonia Mele. They met during PhD period at University of Verona in 2002, becoming friends. in 2016, a mutual friend suggested Tiziana to apply to the FENS History projects. 

The FENS History Committee organises annual calls for projects documenting the history and development of neuroscience. So, Tiziana explained her idea about women pioneer scientists to Morgana and Sonia and to submit the project to FENS History Committee. Our project passed the selection and since 18 December 2017, we have been online. 

Since half of 2018, Morgana left the project, even if she will be one of Wins forever.

Tiziana Metitieri

Clinical Neuropsychologist, adjunct professor at IUL, blogger, F1 fan.

Morgana Favero

Neuroscientist, Senior Scientific Consultant at Inscopix, Inc.

Sonia Mele

Neuroscientist. She has a little nerd in her: she loves website programming, comics, video games and Dance-theater.