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This is a journey in time and space: it takes place in the second half of the 19th century, to St. Petersburg, Paris, London, Berlin, Liepzig and Padua.

Chapter 1

We begin our journey in St. Petersburg, where we meet Maria Mikhailovna Manasseina. In St. Petersburg, during the second half of the nineteenth century in the Russian Empire governed by Tsar Alexander III, the physician and scientist Maria Manasseina spent most of her life and developed her prolific career

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Chapther 2

The journey continues to Paris at the Hôpitalde la Salpêtrière, in the laboratory of Joseph Jules Dejerine, covered wall to wall with neuroanatomical illustrations. Augusta Déjerine-Klumpke was the first womanto obtain an internship in a Parisian hospital and the first woman to become president of the Société de Neurologie de Paris.

Chapter 3

From Paris we move about 60 km north to visit Clermont, in the region of Picardie. At the Asylum for mentally ill, the place she called “the Penal Colony for Psychiatrists”, Constance Pascal had plans to reform institutional medicine. She was the first psychiatrist woman in France.

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Chapther 4

From Paris we move to London. Here, Beatrice Edgell established one of the first laboratories of experimental psychology in the United Kingdom, after studying with Oswald Külpe at the University of Würzburg, where she was the first woman to receive a Ph.D.

Chapter 5

From Paris we arrive in Berlin, in the laboratory for the anatomical study of the human brain established by Cécile and her husband Oskar Vogt, where they used the more advanced techniques of their time in histology specimens’ preparation.

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Chapther 6

In Liepzig, in the first Institute of Experimental Psychology, established by Wilhelm Wundt Anna Meyer Berliner, was accepted as doctoral student, and she was the first and only woman to achieve the admission.

Chapter 7

In Piazza Capitaniato Padua, in the buildings of the School of Philosophy, the psychology laboratory rooms were crowded with students and researchers. The laboratory was founded by Vittorio Benussi in 1919 and in eight years it became one of the best equipped and productive laboratories in Italy. Silvia De Marchi began working in the laboratory as an undergraduate student.

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